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Main competitors
 Tilapia is still a new product in Europe. It is difficult for major producers to ship fresh fillets to the EU market, as transport costs increase enormously. Therefore they have to tackle the frozen fillet market, where already pangasius and Nile perch are having an important foot in the door. Europe is thus an interesting market for tilapia, but rather in the long term, and mainly for value-added products of high quality profile. Present imports are still in the range of 10 000 tones per annum and they originate from Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras, China, Brazil, El Salvador,

Bench mark; main characteristics of the winners and losers.
· Guarantee product quantity and quality
· Adherence to codes of practice
· Building consumer confidence on safety
· Competitive pricing

How to compete
Just in Time delivery

Countries: France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain
Products: Tilapia

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TANTRADE - Your link to assistance for new and experienced exporters. Tanzanian organizations offer information and services to help your company open a new global market - most of these are free or low-cost. They exist to help your company SUCCEED in the global marketplace with market knowledge, development of high-quality products and services, and detailed planning.

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